Jabberwockmusic.com is the working website of composer Cameron Bradbrook. Cameron is an up and coming and award winning composer of music for film, television, video games, and other media. Being classically trained he works well in the classical and jazz genres, but is also versatile and has experience in other types if music including rock, blues, and electronic. This makes him comfortable working in with a range of a full orchestra to a punk band.

As an instrumentalist Cameron has studied Guitar, piano, and bass. He has also undergone extensive training in composition for media as well as contemporary concert music. Playing guitar in a number of bands Cameron has learned everything from the subtleties of the blues, to the art of the shred guitar. He also emerged as top of his class and performed memorable concerts as a classical pianist.

Cameron is a fearless and passionate composer. What he loves most about composing music for media is that it gives him a chance to display his versatility and mix different musical elements to create something new. In his music you can hear exciting, unconventional rhythms, memorable melodic hooks, and interesting modern harmonies. It isn’t uncommon to hear a full classical orchestra swelling with an electronic pulse or a solo for an uncommon instrument.

Above all Cameron is a professional who is dedicated and easy to work with. He handles all projects with the same focus and care no matter the size or scale. He will work with you to get things done right and on time, but will always give you something unique and with his own signature sound. There are few people out there who retain the integrity of a professional, the skill of a craftsman, and the wonder of an artist, but Cameron Bradbrook is one, and definitely someone you want to work with.